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March 29, 2008


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Denielle DelPopolo

So you've inspired me with your chopsticks goal. Funny how a little thing like that can inspire someone to do something...set some goals, be proactive, take charge!

And then I created an account at 43things. How cool I thought to myself - it's genious. Why didn't I think of that? As matter of fact, why haven't I taken action any of my 1,001 "great ideas that will change the world"...but I digress, that's another topic all together. Back to creating my
43things account. I'm so excited, I'm finally taking immediate action on something. I had to "sign up" about 6 times because I couldn't think of a unique ID which almost made me quit.

My fingers are ready to type some goals, my mind is racing, I'm smiling with satisfaction...and then it asks me one more question before I can get started. What do I want to do with my life? WOW - didn't see that coming. So while I'm pondering that question thought I would say thank you.

Thank you Tom for inspiring me today - I really needed it. Thanks for reminding me that goals don't have to be earth shattering. Sometimes a little inspiration is what we all need.

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