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March 13, 2008


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:) Your post made me smile. I'm a guy that does suit up every day at work, and while I have achieved perhaps a modicum of success -- some of the MOST successful people I know: dress for comfort every day. Ha. (Don't think I'd take a pay cut to wear jeans though!)


A few years ago I decided to attend my law firm's holiday party at a fancy hotel downtown. Although I had worn jeans to the office, I changed into a suit for the party. When my attorney commented on my nice threads, I told him I had dressed up for his party. His reply was that I didn't need to dress up to impress; all his really successful clients at the party were in jeans.


Honestly, if I am having fun and love my job, it really does not matter what I am wearing. In fact, if staying at a fun, challenging and fulfilling job meant I had to dress up everyday like a penguin, so be it.

BTW, speaking of shoes. Checkout http://shoetube.tv/

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