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March 26, 2008


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william renzulli

I don't consider it a strategy...perhaps more of a "commitment", but I believe that every encounter I have with another person should result in their feeling good about themselves (obviously there are numerous exceptions). Complimenting the pilots and attendents is such an act.


When I was nine years old, my United pilot father took me on a father-and-son trip to San Francisco. As usual, being the son of a pilot back in those days, I flew first class (I never flew coach until I got married and lost my pass privileges). We landed at SFO, and the first thing my dad did was to come back and ask me how I thought his landing was. I was a cool 9 year old, and so I shrugged and said it was pretty good. He was crushed. Later he told me it was the smoothest landing he had ever done, and he had done it for me!

Since then, I always stick my head in the cockpit and ask who did the landing and give them my thanks.

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