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April 30, 2008


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Art Golk

What I like about this post is that you do not provide the criteria you must meet to fit into each of these groups. It leaves the topic very open ended, as to what it takes to be an innovator or an earlier adopter. It makes for great discussion as each person has to defend both their definition of the description as well as their position.

When I got out of college as new graduate of Computer Science, I always thought of myself as a developer. I coded in just about any language you want, so I was excited to be out in the real world ready to put my wits against those other developers. My first day I at this company they sat me down with other "developers". I started talking about their job wanting to know more of what they did. I was shocked to find out that these folks were just coding formulas in Excel and Access. I thought to myself how could these people think of themselves as developers they don't know Java, ASP, or even JavaScript, how can you both of us in the same grouping. It wasn't until I met the other folks they work with that I realized in their circle of workers they are the "developers".

It was an eye opening experience as I thought to myself, when I call myself a developer is there someone out there who is saying, "How can this guy call himself a developer he doesn't know ....".

Oh by the way I would say I am an Early Adopter.

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