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May 28, 2008


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So which ad is it? I can think of quite a few. One that comes to mind is the one where the little kid is on the front lawn with his Dad. American middle-class suburbia. His Dad is watering flowers and the kid is involved in something that is getting him really messy. Mom comes out of the house and yells to the kid that if he cleans up they can get Ben & Jerry's ice cream. When she goes back in, Dad (yes the Dad!) turns the hose full blast on the kid! Why? The idea is to get him clean fast enough so that they can get Ben & Jerry's ice cream. The water is so forceful it almost knocks the kid flat! But it's so important to get the great tasting ice-cream, he'll do anything even if it means child abuse! This ad is just not cute nor funny. Makes you wonder how many messages are being sent here?
But I never remember ads. I may remember what takes place but I can't tell you the product. Hasn't the ad achieved what it set out to do? It makes me wonder what's so great about the product that a Dad would do bodily harm to his child to have it. Maybe I should try it too. On the other hand, is that the right product?

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