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May 01, 2008


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william renzulli

Yes. I believe I could teach someone the basics of drawing and painting. Although I am self taught I have spent 30 years practicing the craft.

Clearly the answer to the question you ask depends upon so many variables.


I have recently taught my 82 year old grandfather how to use a scanner, a printer, Photoshop and Pagemaker. Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks. I was shocked by the level of introduction that a subject that is so second nature to me requires. It is amazing what you can not even realize you know, until someone asks you to explain it all to them. Good post Tom!


I think you'd be the best person to teach your daughter because your mistakes, your fumblings will help her find the best way to learn how to play the guitar.
I studied French in high school because my teacher was energetic and displayed such a love for the language that I too fell in love with the country, people and of course, the language. It was this love that led me to pursue a French degree in college and then teach it in high school. When I got the opportunity to teach conversation English in France, I grabbed it and "ran". I knew that if I continued to use the same technique in France, I'd capture the attention of my students. I also knew that as a visual person, the lesson would be more interesting and entertaining if I had eye catching visual aids. I didn't have any books or language aids but I had a talent for drawing and I can be really creative. Yes, it did help that I had my French lessons as a reference and that I had to start with the basics - Hello, My name is... etc. But my first real lesson was based on a childhood favorite song, "Old McDonald had a farm" It was perfect because of the great promise the song had! All the vocabulary! All the activity! There are the animals and people to draw and name, the sounds, colors, adjectives and music. I had my students singing, dancing, drawing and laughing for a whole week! And that was a result of my experience - I learn better when the lesson is colorful and full of fun and activity.
But when you think about it, life is all about teaching and learning. You teach by example. You learn from your mistakes. You learn by watching others. Kids learn from what you do. You'd be able to work out a lesson plan for your daughter before you know it. Use your life experiences as your guide. What's wrong with teaching her how you learned anyway? Did you start off with a basic song? One with a few chords that you repeated over and over again? She may be just be like you - how you learned to play the guitar may be the best way for her too. Unlike you however, she'll have you to guide her so that she won't make the mistakes you did.

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