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April 17, 2008


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Amy Renzulli

I am going to go out there and do it, maybe even tonight! Paul N. was telling me about the site yesterday. What a great idea to get your kids involved in it too. Thanks for the tip!


My future me just sent me an email with the Lotto numbers for tomorrow, but it has a file extention that they haven't invented yet so I can't read it!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

I need to go forward in time to tell myself to use an old file format and resend it.... now where did I put those Delorean keys?



I'd really like to do this! What a wonderful idea! Unfortunately I don't have any kids but can you imagine the thrill of telling them things knowing that when they're at that age when they won't even listen to the outside world, this may be the only way to communicate with them? Or God forbid, something tragic happened to you and you were gone forever.
During a stint in France as an English teacher, I lived on a school campus where I became really ill one night. It was a weekend when everybody had left the campus and the nearest phone was outside the building where I lived. Terrible cramping pains had me curled up in a tight ball on the floor.
I found myself thinking of the future and what I'd be doing 2 weeks from then. My thoughts included how I'd tell the story of how I made it through the night. I imagined embellishing the story with jokes and dramatic gestures. And that's how I made it through to the next morning! The school nurse found me and had me transported by ambulance to the hospital.
The same exercise works for bad situations today, I imagine what I'll be doing the next day, in 2 weeks, in a year's time and the situation becomes more bearable. Of course it helps to be positive in your thoughts, I ask myself (in the future) "why did I worry so?" Back then in France, if I had sent an email to myself (many years ahead - like today)describing what I'd be saying about the night when I lay curled up like a tight ball in such great pain, how accurate would I have been?

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