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April 02, 2008


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I saw an interesting news piece that talked about this new drug that could help people of violent crime. Specifically people who have endured a big trauma and could not move past it mentally.

What they found is that adrenaline, or spikes of it, mark memory. So with this drug it sort of resets the adrenaline spike of that moment. People take it and mentally re-live the trauma, and then they can move on from it. It no longer impedes their world.

There was controversy on this in the Big Brother mind control way, but if it lets someone move one, then why not?

After I saw that, I was thinking about the most traumatic and emotional times I had experienced, and it certainly seems that adrenaline was greatly present in that hightened emotional state. Even sustained for an extended time.

So if you think of those times, see if you remember feeling that crazy adrenaline rush at that specific time. According to that piece, it is a marker of memory for the brain.

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