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June 18, 2008


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Amy Renzulli

This post makes me think about my (creative) relationship with my family. We are scattered around the country now and there is one thing that I miss dearly - "making things." When we are together and have time on our hands, you can pretty much count on one of us saying "Let's make something!" We spent time quilting, making pillows, painting, making jewelry, refinishing furniture. It almost didn't matter what the activity was, we enjoyed each other's company and we created something of beauty together, something that one of us could display in our home. I just got back from my dad's home and art studio and as always, I came home with various pieces of art. My favorite things are those that are cast to the side as not being worthy of hanging in his gallery. I am happy to find a home for those things!

I just wish that I could find a little more time to just make something.

Thanks for a post on one of my favorite topics!

Heath Port

Great topic. I come from a family of "creators." My grandmother and mother are both accomplished painters, my father is excellent at taking raw materials in his shop, picturing something and then creating it either through wood working, metal working or any number of fabricating techniques. I really feel it sticks in your DNA because my brothers and I all love creating things, but we each have our own unique way of going about it which makes it a lot of fun to see what we come up with. With my family the joy really seems to come from the process of creating rather than the end result.

On a related topic, if you haven't read it already, there is a great book called "The Rise of the Creative Class" by Richard Florida that I would recommend reading. It covers how the United States has moved from a primarily agrarian society to one based on manufacturing and is now moving into a creative era where many occupations in the professional world are based on creating.

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