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June 02, 2008


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Oh man, I wish I could have witnessed this fine moment.

Now, think back to that exact moment when your wife walked you through what was going to happen and probably gave you step by step instructions. You know, those brief but very significant moments that we tune out when our spouse is talking to us or telling us something that would be vitally important somewhere in the future. Those brief moments that are measured in years of "that look" from the spouse if we fail or forget. It happens to us all.

I imagine they have not asked you to do anything else at the Church since that incident?


Shame on you! The greatest crime ever....not listening! You should've been grounded for the rest of the year and the next!
I tell ya!.....there's a reason why I don't have a spouse! Your wife is an angel 'coz if she were anything like me you'd never live it down!!! Does your guilty conscience go into overdrive when you have to reprimand somebody at work for not listening? But what really happened afterwards? What did your kids say? They did do as you've always told them to....they listened. Or was it Mom? But that's another story huh?
This is so funny....I would've laughed so hard......in the church....at you!

Jon Sawyer

that has got to be the funniest thing I've read in a long time...it felt like I was experiencing it in slow motion as you were describing it too...laughing out loud the whole way...

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