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July 07, 2010


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scott carbonara

It's like you've been spying on me!

Jack: Didn't we just cut the lawn last week?

Me: Yes. But it grew.

Jack: But it doesn't look bad. And I just did it last week...

Me: You mentioned that. But it needs to be done at least once a week.

Jack: Why?

Me: Tell you what. I fed you yesterday, right? By your logic, I shouldn't have to feed you ever again because I fed you once, right?

Jack: That's different.

Me: You're right. God feeds the grass, and I feed you. The grass will continue to grow without my intervention, but I'm not feeding you until the lawn gets mowed...

Jack: (under his breath) &*^%$^

Me: It's that kind of fertilizer that makes the grass grow so fast...

Amy Renzulli

Laughed out loud, Tom!

Me: Abigail, please clean your room.
Abigai: OK, Mom
Me: Abigail, you need to come up here and clean your room.
Abigail: OK, Mom, on my way up.

four more times and four hours later...

Me: Abigail!!!!
Abigail: Why do I have to clean my room if Stella is coming tomorrow?


Love the accents - sounds just like you and Jack!!!!!!!
It looks as though you may be saving$40 and cutting your own lawn.
I give you an A for effort in explaining the whole job deal to Jack.
You should have Jack do his side of the conversation - could be an interesting perspective. :)

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